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Abnormal EKG and Toponin false positives?

Hello,  I am a 42 year old female with a strong family history of heart disease.  Father had first heart attack at 40 with two bypass.  Grandfather and grandmother both died of heart attacks in there 40's. Mother, brother and sister all have HBP.  I have ALWAYS had rapid pulse running as low as 80 to 112. is very common on a daily basis.  My blood pressure runs (at home) 117/72-79 and on other days, it runs 130/84-89. I went to my family doc. about 7 days after having an episode of strong pain in middle of my chest. My blood pressure was 138/94. They did an EKG which was abnormal so they reran it thinking it was movement.  The second one showed the same thing reading st-t changes and something about possible myocardial ischemia.  I had blood work and troponin levels and I went home.   Two days later the doctor called and said my troponin level just came back and it was elevated and they admitted me.  Bottom Blood pressure number ran in the 90's during my stay and upon admission they said i was very tachycardia.   Cardiologist thought possible blood clot but my d-tymer (sp) was normal. Nonetheless i had a shot of blood thinner that night.  They reran my traponin and blood work now two days later from the original abnormal traponin and 10 days after my chest pains and they were all normal. I had a stress test and echo the next morning and they were also normal.  They discharged me saying the elevated traponin was most likely a false positive.  I was greatly relieved and idiotically did not ask questions and was on my way.  Now all these questions are popping up as people are saying that elevated traponins are not "flukes".  Also odd that i was not started on blood pressure medicine and that no other test were done to prove the traponins were false. It was a very quick stay in the hospital.  Just at 24 hours total. I don't really want to run to the doctor every time I have something like this and go through a hospital stay for nothing. Opinion would be appreciated.
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An abnormal ECG plus an elevated troponin sounds like you have coronary artery disease to me.  I think you should see a cardiologist and get another opinion.  You may well have had a non ST segment elevation myocardial infarction.
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Thank you for your response.  I appreciate your opinion very much.  I know that sometimes people get their results and what reads abnormal under the interpretation is sometimes considered normal range for the doctor.  I was wondering if that is what could have happend with my three EKG's.  My first two read St-T changes possible myocardial ischemia at the general practice office, and the thrid one which was two days later at the cardiologist read :
sinus rhythem
short PR interval
pronounced LVH
  age-corrected Sokolow index (SV1+RV5 or V6) = 5.2 mV
  age-corrected R in left precordial leads = 2.8 mV
  age corrected vectorial R in extremity leads = 3.5 mV
slight midi-and left precordial repolarization disturbance
secondary to LVH
  small negative T in V3 V4 V5 V6

Abnormal ECG

does this sound like an EKG that could be considered normal for the most part or one that would need no treatment.

My troponin at day 7 after my event was .15 but my tropoin on days 10 and 11 were normal.  

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