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Aortic Regurgitation Heard With Stephoscope Is Accurate?


I am 25 years old Male. To make a long story short im going to tell you what happened to me at the ER. I had a sudden quite severe pain between my shoulders that came out of nowhere that would not go away. So I went to the ER because I have some of the symptoms of Marfans but all of the docs say I dont have it, yet I was scared I could have it so I went. Plus I was worried I was having a dissection after reading the symptoms so I went to the ER.

I also have Mitral valve prolapse and a heart mumor. But the real concern for me now came when he took out his stephoscope and asked if I had a heart mumor. I said yes and told him I have MVP. He said "this mumor does not sound like one with MVP, it sounds like one associated with aortic insuffiency which is associated with dissection."

At this point I thought for sure my aorta was dissecting since I have always suspected I have had marfans since I have some symptoms.

So the doctor did and EKG, chest X ray and CT scan. All of them came back normal and my aorta size was in the normal range also. But what concerns me is before he did all of those test he listened to my heart beat with a stephoscope and said he heard aortic insuffiency which signaled aortic dissection to him.

He rushed off after all of those test and came back and said "well everything looks normal, you sure could have fooled me though." But now im wondering if I could still have Aortic Regurgitation since ive read the best way to detect it is with a echocardiogram.

But if I had Aortic Regurgitation wouldnt my aorta root been enlarged on the CT scan and also wouldnt it have shown up on the Xray and EKG perhaps? Also how realibale is just hearing the Aortic Regurgitation on the stephoscope, I mean is it very easy to distinguish from a regular heart mumur associated with MVP or could he of mis heard?

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