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Asymmetric left ventricular hypertrophy

Every time that I stand, both my HR and diastolic BP rapidly increase.

Within a moment or so, my HR rapidly increases its rate by about 60 points to 125 - 135 BPM and continues to climb.

My diastolic BP rapidly elevates about 40 points and continues to climb.

My systolic BP remains similar to the sitting BP with only a slight variation of a few points (up or down).

As long as I stand, The HR and BP continue to climb until they reach a point where my BP monitor can not detect it.  It will give me an E  error message which means it can not detect a pulse.

While I am standing my head hurts; my heart hurts, my legs and hands become shaky, my face reddens and I sweat profusely.  I am profoundly short of breath.

I have intermittent nausea especially after standing & headache.

I have transient dizziness.

I have chest pain that awakes me from a sound sleep, SOB and sweating.

What should I do?

May - Coronary CTA identified:

• A 7MM long, densely calcified plaque in the proximal LAD lumen, distal to the 1st diagonal branch, which obscured the lumen in the images.  

July - Cardiac catherization determined:

• No coronary artery blockages
• 7mm calcium was probably lying on outside of the artery
• No pulmonary hypertension

July echocardiogram stated:

• Mild asymmetric left ventricular hypertrophy
• Mildly dilated right ventricle
• Mild Aortic regurgitation
• Mild Mital regurgitation
• Trivial Tricuspid regurgitation
• EF 55-60%
• No wall motion abnormalities noted.  

July - Holter monitor
• Frequent ventricular ectopic beats
• 37 supraventricular ectopic beats
• Isolated PACs
• Couple PACs
• One 5 beat atrial tachycardia at 150 bpm
• Lowest heart rate 43 bpm
• During maximum sinus rate - mild, fairly horizontal or slightly down sloping ST segment depression.  
• Myocardial ischemia could be considered.
                (During testing, no physical activity just washed & dryed hair)

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You may have an autonomic disorder that is causing your symptoms--there is a syndrome called --postural  tachycardia syndrome (POTS).  Ask your doctor about this.
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