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Chest pains above breast on left side

Hi I wanted to see if I can get results to my chest pains, I dont have medical insurance and it's just to high for me to pay at he moment. But I wanted to know if someone can help me figure out what I have. I am feeling pain on my chest or heart above my breast. Everytime I breathe, it feels very hard my chest, like as if it's pushig outward. I feel very feverish at times, and my head hurts, then when I lay down or sit up my chest feels like a knife poking at it. It's really weird but even my legs, arms, toes, fingers sometimes feel the pinching feeling. Is there anything I can take to get the pain away. I tried aspririn and zantac, because I dont know the cause of it. But it has not help me at all. I scared something is wrong and I dont have the money to treat it. When I take deep breathe it hurts pretty bad.

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