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Heart murmur ?????????????

The doctor listened to my heart and then he told me it sounds like a heart murmur. then they gave me a ekg i think thats what its called and i guess it came out normal but i guess he said the graph has some little parts in it that isnt right. Couple of the lines were supposed to be up and one of them were down  or something and there was another line that wasnt right. So im going to the hospital and gonna take a echocardiology test.  He said he's gonna let me take the test and if i do play basketball theres a chance i could i dont know what he said because it was a big word that starts with a e. Then my mom told me he meant that i could fall and die but it depends whats wrong with my heart because she saw it on a commerical were a boy played basketball and he and his parents didnt know he had a heart murmur then he flat out fell and died. But im scared and i wanted to know can i die from a heart murmur?
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You need to be evaluated by the echo and the cardiologist to make certain your heart is OK and that it is safe to play sports.
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I would not be worried about anything. Wait for the echo results from your Doctor. People live with these "murmurs" all their lives with no problems at all. The echo will show how well your valves are working, the size of your heart, etc. You will be fine though.

P.S. I am no Doctor....work as a Med Asst for a Cardiologist. See this a lot with young people. You will be cleared to play basketball.
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