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Heart murmur

2 years ago a doctor noticed a heartmurmur during a rutin check-up and sent me to a cardiologist for a ultrasound (echo) of the heart. The cardiologist told me that I had an innocent heartmurmur that had likely been caused by pregnancy and the fact that I had been anemic during my pregnancy. On the report it says I have:
Trivial mitral regurgitation, trivial tricuspid regurgitation and trivial pulmonary insufficiency. He told me that I could have it rechecked in couple of years. Now it has been over two years and me and my husband are planning to get pregnant for the second time so I brought this up to my regular doctor. She looked at the report and said that no further evaluation is necessary. Do you agree? I don't want to jeopardice my health but I would love to have another baby. Do I need another ultrasound or can I go ahead and get pregnant? And if i get pregnant do I need special care of any sort?
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The findings on your Echocardiogram do not indicate any serious heart condition. If you have no symptoms and your doctor found your physical exam to be normal, no further cardiac evaluation or intervention would be needed at this time.
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