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How much is too much toprol xl?

I have been told I am taking a large dose of toprol xl and cardiologist says I am handling it well.

I'm not sure that is true.  How can I tell if I'm on too much as four other doctors have told me?

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Toprol XL dose of 150 mg is not too high of dose.  The heart rate and blood pressure  you listed are  not too low  and likely the  dose doesn't  need to be reduced.  The symptoms you might notice would be weakness and light-headiness if the dose is too high.
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Barb, it might be helpful for you to post how much you are taking, and other info like your usual blood pressure and heart rate.  Are you on any other meds?  Any pertinent medical history?
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Usual BP is in a range of 128/78 - 93/57.  Heart rate 57 - with as low as 43.

I take levothroid, klonopin, baclofen, lortabs.

DX: LVH, SUV, PAD, CAD, dyastolic dysfunction, L & R BBB incomplete, facsiculation, left axis deviation, aorta calcification,
shortness of breath, calf pain at rest, autonomic neuropathy, polyneuropathy, fibromyalgia, arthritis,
myoclonic jerks, sympathetic nervous system disorder, dystonia,
Celiac disease, Raynauds, rosecea, myofascial pain, spinal stenosis, sciatica, avascular necrosis from foot surgery, muscle weakness in feet, ankles, and legs.  Feel pretty good on the inside!
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I forgot to tell you I take 150mg. of toprol xl.  Thanks for any help.

I'll get the hang of posting correctly soon!
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