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Hypertension & Sress

Dear Doctor,
You seems to be someone with broader experiences in this area, thought of
asking your advice on my matters so  just to give you some idea of my
circumstances as what have lead me being off sick due to stress related illness,
here it is, I am a research scientist in a large organisation, treatment of my
manager, excessive pressure and work load and the day in and out working long
hours almost 12-14 hours a day for the last 12-15 months has finally take toll
on my health  well being seriously, now I am paying the price for my health. I
have many illness, high blood pressure, tension headache, dizze spells, muscular
pain, shortness of breath constant irritable cough through out night can not
even sleep, back pain get worse with cough, chest pain tightness in the chest,
hypertension, never had weezing but now x-ray indicates with my symptoms that I
have it, all in one go,things got really worse this week, seen GP, he is worried
and concerned why am I at the reciving end of these kind of treatment at work
for a prolong period of time and nothing has been done to resolve the situation
at work.  Now I wonder are these all worth it? is it worth killing my self this
way? Not sure management understand what they have been putting me through!!.. I
have been off sick nearly 4 weeks, got letter from my HR last week asking my
consent for my medical record from my GP, and asking me tMichael o attend a
medical checkup with company doctor, I am totally confused, as I have never been
involved in such a messy problem. Not sure what to do or what to tell the
company doctor with regards to what happened to me at work the abuse,
intimidation, bulling, exclusions from projects meeting discussion and audios
with customers, constant harresment. I have nothing to hide in terms of my
sickness I will be open about it, should I give full account of the story  to
the company doctor?
Thanks Nathan

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This is more of a legal question. You should always be honest with your doctor but you also have not notified your HR of your work conditions that they are working you under. They need to be told of your concerns.
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