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Insulin Resistant Syndrome/Metabolic Syndrome

I believe I suffered a mild heart attack(HA) at the beginning of May. I didn't go to the doctor because I didn't want to hear about indigestion or mild angina, as has happened in the past.  I have never suffered from indigestion before, but the 4am wake-up call for the HA came with the room spinning, indigestion which arose from my stomach up through my midsection and turned left right into my heart where I felt a cramp with pain of about a 3.  I moved about gingerly the rest of time and the pain fluctuated btw 3-8. I had a lipid panel with CRP. My CRP was .41, My TC: 111, HDL:39, LDL 56, VLDL:16, Triglyercides 79 and my glucose was 103. My wasit is about 37.  I have Hypertension and am AA and I have continued to feel nauseated and dizzy throughtout the day and sometime at night. Do I have IRS or Metabolic Synrome and what's the difference between the two.
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Likely you do have the metabolic syndrome which can lead to insulin resistance and ultimately diabetes mellitus.  You should have some type of stress test to evaluate your symptoms.
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