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Medication Overload - Chest Pain & Fatigue

I have been diagnosed with several endocrine disorders this year.  I have stopped medication for diabetes as I have started experiencing severe sugar lows.  No highs reported in a long time.  I began medication for Pituitary Tumor and Hashimotos 2.5 months ago.  My Levothyroxine was recently upped to 75 mcg from 50 mcg.  I saw a primary Dr. in my normal primary's office (she was out of town) for a toe infection last week where he perscribed me an antibiotic as well as Lisinpril for high blood pressure (hovering around 155/95 for the last year).  

Since the induction of these 2 new meds I have had severe fatigue, dizziness, a sore throat 2 days last week, slightly elevated temperture, nausea, stuffy and running nose, headaches, increased depression, difficulty breathing that wakes me at night and I don't know if it's in my head or not, but I have had some chest pain.  

Dostinex is known to cause problems with people with heart valve problems, I have not done the Echocardiogram my endocrinologist suggested yet.... Also wondering about Lisinpril.

I have an appointment with primary again on Thursday to followup.  Please let me know if there are interactions, severe side effects I shouldn't mess around or delay with, or anything else I should be aware of or should know to bring up with my next appointment.  

Age :   29
Sex :   Female
Weight :   150 lbs

Current Medications :  
Dostinex (Caborgoline) .50 mg once weekly (Saturday night)
Levothyroxine 75 mg once daily
Lisinopril 10 mg (I think it's 10...) once daily
Lexapro 10 mg once daily
Augmentin 500-125 twice daily for 10 days - 3 days left.
Prenatal Vitamins once daily (not pregnant or breastfeeding, but looking towards future)
Occassional Tylonal

Drug Allergies :   none known

Medical Conditions :  
Pituitary Tumor
High Blood Pressure
Infection on toe for 4 weeks
Type 2 Diabetes

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I think this is not the forum for review of medications. You should sit down with your physician prescribing all of these medications and discuss your concerns. The other option is to ask your pharmacist to review your medication profile.
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