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Pain during training

I am a 43 year old woman, in general good health. I am adopted as a newborn, so have no family history available. Just over a year ago I found out that I have high cholesterol. It came as a big shock! I am not overweight, have never smoked, have low blood pressure, live a healthly lifestyle and enjoy my career as a letter carrier. My doctor affirms that it is hereditary. I have tried to combat it by being even more stringent with diet and exercise, but it has not helped. My current HDL level 2.22, and my LDL is 3.72. Triglycerides are usually around .60- .70. My ratio is low risk, but am still concerned. I have been suffering from constipation for the last 7 months also, and during an ultrasound exam, they found a cyst on my liver. I am currently training for a marathon, and have been experiencing some weird feelings in my chest. They are not painful, just more of an annoyance. When I am relaxing, I have a butterfly type of feeling in my upper chest and throat area, and I can feel my heart beating very hard...but not fast. Since my mileage has increased the last 2 weeks, I also have a feeling like indigestion, not burning or painful, just a heavy feeling like I need to burp. We have some major life changes in the next few months, and wonder if it is just stress? I have made on appointment with my GP, but it takes 6 weeks to see him. Are there any things I should be looking for, or concerned about till I see him?
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First, the numbers you are giving me are strange units so I assume your HDL level is 22 and your LDL is 37? I need to know the units you are talking about. I would be concerned if you have any blacking out spells or have continued chest pain with exercise.
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The unit measures are 2.22 mmol/L for my HDL and 3.72 mmol/L for my LDL.  I live in Canada..... HDL is 86 and LDL is 144. I did my blood pressure today and it was 101 over 40, pulse was 61. I am still running and still having the "butterflies" as I call it. I will check my blood pressure every few days and keep track to show my GP the end of May. I do not experience any black outs, or chest pain, not while excercising either. It seems to almost be constant during the day now. I feel it, but can still get on with my day. Is there anything else I should look for? Keep track of?
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