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my father 69 year old.he has been detected with tri vascular desease 2 years back. presently till september 2007 he was feeling ok.on 20th sept he had a chest pain with sweting and admitted in the hospital
on examination he is no pallor /cyanosis/clubbing/icteurus
HR 60min
P/A soft no organomegaly
CNS conscious oriented
mild LV disfunction LVEF 42 TO 46% RWMA .diastolic disfunction trivial AR trivial MR.
course in hospital
   he was thromboised with STK and further managed with antiplatelets,anticoagulants .Patiant was stable on discharge.
Now after discharging from hospital he has cough
    He is not feeling active.
    he was detected with high blood sugar at the hospital AC 138/150/107
   he is now taking semi daonil 2.5mg.
  Doctor has not suggested anything purticular
  kindly tell me how seveare is the problum
   Kindly advise me what all steps as a son to take care
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He should be on a good medical program to include a beta blocker as well as an ACE inhibitor plus the other medicine you mentioned.  He likely should have  a stress test to check for other problems with additional artery blockage
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