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Transient Superior Vena Cava Syndrome Symptoms

I am 33 yrs. old, female, 135 lbs, and a non-smoker.

Short history of problems and symptoms:

* One year ago I was prescribed Mobic for arthritis.  I stopped after 1 week because it caused the following symptoms:  severe feeling of "fullness" in my neck and head, headaches within minutes of laying down, headaches upon waking, face flushing, chest pain upon standing.  After I stopped the medicine, the symptoms went away.

* Two months ago I developed pneumonia (mycoplasma), I was given Erythromycin and it went away within 1 week.
* Two weeks ago the pneumonia came back, this time I was given Doxycycline and again it went away within 1 week.

After the 1st bout of pneumonia I would get extremely lightheaded while talking, everytime I talked I would immediately start getting lightheaded, and the more I talked the worse it would get until my fingers started tingling.

After the 2nd bout of pneumonia, I felt the congestion in my neck and head again.  I talk A LOT, and for a few days I felt the congestion building everytime I talked, it was extremely uncomfortable!  One day my face flushed (no fever) and then the headaches started.

I have spots of light ("seeing stars") in my peripheral vision and occasionally blurry vision.

I've also had problems with muscle twitches and muscle weakness.

There's been no edema or sweeling. My blood pressure has been in the normal range, it's usually 100/60 and during this time it went up to 124/74.

Is there anything that could cause symptoms of SVC Syndrome to "come and go" like this?  I also mentioned the lightheadedness while talking because weeks later the  neck "fullness" started (and grew worse) when I talked a lot.  Could there be something pressing on things in my chest to cause these symptoms? I have had 2 chest X-rays related to the pneumonia, but at the time I wasn't having any of these symptoms (so I'm not sure they would've been looking for anything other than pneumonia)

Thank you in advance!

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I have no idea what is the problem or that you have SVC syndrome. This is usually from trauma or cancer. I would suggest you discuss this with your doctor.    
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