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arm pain, veins pop out in left arm, sometimes dizziness, sometimes shortness of breath, have back problems, and these problems usualy occure shortly after inhaling marijuana
I have strange pains in my left arm, my viens pop out in that arm, sometimes I expirince shortness of breath, a paniky feeling, a bit lathargic, and occasionaly my left index finger goes numb. I use my left hand alot at work and my job is repitive motion all day.
The pain usualy doesnt occure till night time,
but I have been hospitolized for heart problems before, but was under the influence of meth at the time.
have been clean off meth for two years.
The pain occurs almost every night, and is usualy after the consumption of marijuana.
This morning I read on the internet that it may be panic attacks, heart attack or clots,
smoked a little marijuana after just to see if the symptoms would reoccur, and the left arm is feeling a bit of pain.
Sometimes this pain shoots all the way down the arm on the inside and to the arm pit.
Please tell me what it might be.
I plan to make a docor visit tomorow if i can get an apointment.
thanks for your help many blessings
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Seeing your doctor and staying away from Marijuana are the right things to do
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