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does arrithmya cause continuous hands numbness

I went to the emergency room with palpitations.. had an ekg, heart monitoring and low blood sugar test ..all was fine. the doctor recommended to use a halter monitor. i did not go yet.. my most constant symptom is slight hands numbness and felling lightheaded. although the lightheaded feeling is coming and going ...  the doctor said it was beacuse I WAS HYPERVENTILATING but i feel the numbness all the time even when I don't feel the palpittations... and worse at night as soon as i try to fall asleep i feel like falling and then start twitching, jerking and my hands are even number.. then i wake up with palpitations..  sometimes i feel the legs fairly numb or weak.  
can an irregular heartbeat cause continous numbness  in hands and feeling lightheaded or just temporary ? i've been like this for a week.. if nothing is wrong with my heart then i'm having panic atacks.. and is the continuous numbness and ocasional lighthead a different symptom ??
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Continuous numbness in hands is unlikely to be due to irregular heart beats. Occasional lightheadedness can be due to irregular heart beats. You should get the Holter monitor or event recorder monitoring done as recommended
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