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80 year old woman with hypertension , heart failure, borderline diabetes, history of arrhythmia , thyroid removed,  arthritis .
Complains of severe back pain, numbness in hands and feet, unsteady on feet (needs walker),   incontinence, signs of dementia.

My Question:
Seemed better on previous medication regime:  Norvasc, Lanoxin, Spironolactone, Levothyroxine.
Worse on current medication regime: Metoprolol, Benazepril, Isorb Mono Tab, Spironolactone, Simvastatin, Levothyroxine.

What are the added benefits that would justify the new medication regime over the old?
(In other words, can she go back to the older medication regime?  What benefits would she be giving up?)
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You should not change the medicines without talking to your doctor and frequently they can change the meds to minimize the side effects.
The meds metoprolol (beta blocker) and benazepril (ACE inhibitor) are of value in patients with diabetes and heart disease.  Likewise simvastatin has been shown to help these same patients.  TALK TO THE DOCTOR.
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