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opinion for Co-arctation of aeorta


This is sumanta I have a son 4 months old, he is having severe coarctation of aeorta. This was caught when he was of 17 days old through a routine checkup when the doctor found low volume pulse in his left leg. As per doctor's advice he has gone through a procedure " Balloon Coarctoplasty" on 10th of October 2007. Few days ago I took him to the doctor for checkup where again it has caught that the re-occurance of narrowing of the vessel is there. Now the doctor has suggested either for Re Balloon Coarctoplasty or Surgical repair.

The cause of this disease as explained by the doctor is that this heart defect occurs when a blood vessel called the ductus arteriosus which is normal while the baby is in the womb, fails to close after the baby is born and this has found open.in my son.

Kindly suggest me the best that what should I do to remove this permanently. Your help will be valuable to me.

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The defect when the ductus arteriosus fails to close is a patent ductus arteriosus and not a coarctation.  Surgery may be the best option but I would take your son to a center where they have alot of experience with congenital heart disease.
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