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temporary heart murmur

Recently my otherwise healthy fiance was in the shower and began to experience dizziness.  She came out and asked me to listen to her heart cause it felt funny.  I listened with my stethoscope and immediately heard a loud, probably systolic murmur.  Her pulse is normally around 60 and at this time was at 86.  Within 2 minutes this murmur was completely gone and she was feeling normal again.  She sees her OB GYN and Internist on a regular basis and no one has mentioned a murmur before.  Is this likely to be an innocent episode?  
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Regarding the pulse rate change from 60 to 86-- that is not alarming in and of itself as it is still a normal heart rate.
Sometimes people with mitral valve experience experience intermittent palpitations and changes in the intensity of the murmur. I agree that an echo is a reasonable way to proceed.
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The Doctor may say otherwise but this could just be an innocent episode. To be on the safe side I would schedule a simple echo test with your Doctor or local Cardiac Specialist to just make sure her valves are correctly functioning.
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She's never been diagnosed with a murmur by either her internist or obgyn
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