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to medicate or not to medicate

I am 38 years old. In October 2006, I went to a new doctor I got a complete physical. Everything was normal although I had some high cholesterol issues. My blood work came back with normal range or slightly high normal. The only issue I had was a bit of anxiety. (i.e. trouble sleeping due to stress.) At the time I had a lot going on. Marital issue (new married 2 years); A Job change. A lawsuit as a result of a car accident, My wife's sister filed a lawsuit against us which cost us $140,000 and a few other things that all hit me in 1 year.  So, as a result, my blood pressure was from normal to high normal. 127/79 to 145/85 and other times in the 130s/80 to 85. When it was a rough day, my blood pressure was fluctuating from normal to high normal or even pre-hypertension. One day it was 154/93 for a few hours. I think this was the day we went to court.  So, my doctor decided to start me on Metoporolol. He suggested 25mg daily along with a 12.5 water pill. I have taken this now for about a year. At a recent followup,the concern is that now my potassium is at a 5.9 when is was at a 4.3 before I started taking metoprolol. All other kidney functions read normal. I don't feel that we are treating the right thing. My problem is stress and anxiety from my situation. So, now I am stuck on these pills that I read if I stop taking will cause me more of a problem including damage to my heart and possible death. I also read that Beta Blockers increase the level of potassium in the blood. I am positive that this is what happened. Can this be reversed? My father is a Nurse Practitioner and says that my blood pressure was never at a level to merit Metoprolol in any dosage. He said I should have been given anti anxiety medicine for a short period of time until my situational stress was reduced. So now, what do I do? I want off the medication but now my doctors wants to send me to a kidney specialist and possibly put me on more drugs.Do you have any advise for me?
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I would recheck the potassium to make sure it is not a lab error as it is unlikely that low dose metoprolol would cause an elevated potassium.  You might get another opinion from  an internist.
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