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toprol xl weening off process

Hi : I am on Toprol xl and Diovan daily.  for h.b.p.  iv been on the meds for about 5 years total time.
I have had nothing but adverse side effects from the meds. sometimes so bad, I cant stand it !  
between blurred vision and harsh cramps and belly bloating and waight gain almost overnight..its hard to belive that a pill could do this !  as well my hair is thinning out and balding in spots !! ouch !!
I have asked 3 Doctors in my Hmo system, to please switch medications or take me off the meds.
however it goes everytime to deaf ears!  and they refuse me !  Iv been sent to 3 diffrent cardiologists
and had 2 send me back to the primary doctor, saying they dont switch meds, go back !  one gave me routine test and started guessing at my problems. then told me I was fine !  

My question is.. what is the best way to get off the toprol xl  (weening)  how to do it safe ..
as I know there are risk factors , and withdrawal symptoms can happen when getting off the med.

also might you know of any good b.p med , that has few side effects  that isnt a Generic type.
as im allergic to most Non Generic drugs.
due to the fillers they use.
thank you l  
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You should find a doctor you can relate to and who will listen to you.  You should not change your meds without a doctor"s advise.  It can be harmful to go off the meds and  a beta blocker like Toprol needs to be tapered slowly.  You might ask your doctor about nadolol which is a beta blocker but it has a good side effect profile.
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typo on last part of question asked above..  im allergic to most Generic drugs.. due to the fillers used
in them .  I can take non Generic.  

my bad !   typoooooo!  
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