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Excess iron causes free radical activity

Excessive or misplaced tissue iron now is recognized to pose a substantial health risk for an extensive array of endocrinological, gastrointestinal, infectious, neoplasmic, neurodegenerative, obstetric, ophthalmic, orthopedic, pulmonary and vascular diseases. Ingested, injected, inhaled and decompartmentalized iron contributes not only to disease, but also to aging and mortality. Iron is dangerous by catalyzing free radical formation and by serving as an essential nutrient for microbial and neoplasmic cell invaders. Our body cells exhibit wide variation in sensitivity to iron toxicity. Efficacy of our iron withholding defense system is modulated by numerous environmental, behavioral and genetic factors. A notable variety of methods for prevention and therapy of iron toxicity are now becoming available

Iron toxicity is responsible for a multitude of auto-immune disorders, cancer (particularly noted in breast and colon cancers), neurological disorders like ALS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, MS...chelation and phlebotomy are two iron reduction therapies that have proven beneficial cessation of progression of such diseases and prevention.

Iron deposition is found in retinas of people with macular degeneration.

Iron deposition is found in the skin cells of people with rosacea.

The following is an excerpt from the article "Iron Toxicity - New Conditions Continue To Emerge" from the link


• Iron, by itself, has been observed to initiate the disease

• cardiomyopathy
• growth deficiency
• hemophilic synovitis
• hypogonadism
• lung cancer
• osteoporosis
• pneumoconiosis

• Iron can be a cofactor in promoting the disease

• Alzheimer
• atherosclerosis
• bacterial infections
• diabetes
• endometriosis
• esophageal adenocarcinoma
• fungal & protozoan infections
• gout
• hepatoma
• multiple sclerosis
• osteoarthritis
• oto- & renal toxicity
• ozone lung injury
• pulmonary alveolar proteinosis
• viral infections

• Iron deposits are observed in disease-associated tissue sites

• basal ganglia in PKAN
• hepatocytes in cirrhosis, steatohepatitis & viral
• hepatitis
• mitochondria in Friedreich ataxia
• pulmonary secretions in cystic fibrosis
• retina in macular degeneration
• skin cells in rosacea
• skeletal muscle in aging
• substantia nigra in Parkinson
• thyroid in hypothyroidism

• Body iron loading is associated with above normal incidence of morbidity

• breast cancer
• colorectal cancer
• depression
• Down syndrome
• epilepsy
• hypertension
• ischemic stroke
• leukemia
• pre-eclampsia
• porphryia cutanea tarda
• prion disease
• sudden infant death syndrome

• Maternal antibodies can impair fetal iron metabolism

• fetal or neonatal death in neonatal hemochromatosis

End quote...

Iron is a carcinogen, and together with behavioural, genetic and environmental factors everything we take in with regards to iron from various sources only serves to add to excessive and misplaced iron deposition, leading to further risk of disease, as noted above. The research surrounding the storage of iron continues to emerge and evidence continues to grow that iron is the root cause or co-factor as an underlying mechanism for disease and conditions we consider "common".

Genetic mutations often run silently in families for generations with no one knowing the culprit of premature death or suffering until someone gets diagnosed.

Drs are missing the early stage symptoms of iron overload, and often offering band-aid solutions to treat and manage symptoms rather than getting to root of the problem.

The tests for iron overload are simple...the SAFE limits are very much LESS than what appears on the lab reports and reference ranges, so even if a person falls "within" a range, they should not accept the theory that everything is "normal". Iron, even in SMALL elevations above safe, can cause damage to all body systems.

Leave your feedback or questions and inquiries, or your personal experiences, family history of medical conditions, descendancy (European descent is predominantly affected by this, but there are MANY iron loading conditions emerging or little known of in all ethnic groups).

Awareness can save your life!

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