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Have you been told you are anemic or iron deficient?

This is a common finding among medical community when the CBC's come back and your hemoglobin and/or hematocrit are low, and RBC can come back abnormal as well. Perhaps the doctor has done a ferritin test and it shows a low abnormal reading and they tell you that you have anemia.

But it is possible to have iron avidity, or be anemic, or iron deficient and still be iron loading...which in iron overload disease causes the body to absorb excess iron, of which we need very little, and over time this iron stays in our body and as a protection from free radicals, our body stores the iron in joints, tissues and organs. This leads to systemic disease and organ failure in end stage iron overload damage.

If you have any symptoms that docs can't explain, mystery pain, fatigue, abdominal pain, chest pain, brain fog, memory loss, confusion, muscle weakness, odd skin neuropathy's, vision problems that progress over time, thyroid problems, libido issues, hypogonadism, and the doctors have tested for "everything" and can come up with nothing definitive, or perhaps tell you or "diagnose" you with any of the following...

liver cirrhosis, elevated liver enzymes not related to alcohol or viral infection like Hepatitis, etc., enlarged liver, fatty liver, lesions on liver, ascites (distended abdomen or fluid retention), abdominal pain on right side...

IBS, colitis, nausea, vomiting...

Colon cancer...

Pancreas nodules, or diabetes, or pancreatitis, enlarged pancreas...

Gallbladder disease, gallstones, gallbladder attacks, biliary duct disease or blockages, gallbladder removal...

Memory fog, brain fog, confusion, dementia symptoms, personality changes, mood swings, depression...

MS, fibromyalgia, immune disorders, peripheral neuropathy's, Lupus, Lyme Disease...

Chronic fatigue, muscle and body pain, joint pain, especially in hands (first two fingers and thumb on each hand, in joints), knee pain, hips, or joint replacement surgery, diagnosed with osteo-arthritis, rheumatoid...

Vision deterioration, retinal, macular...

Enlarged spleen, spleen removal...


Skin manifestations, dermatological issues, lesions, discolored finger or toe nails, ridges, psoriasis...

Chest pain, heart arrythmia's, heart palpitations, chest pressure, fast or slow heart beat, intermittent fast and slow heart beat, dizzy, blood pressure, breathlessness, enlarged heart...

Thyroid issues, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's,

Odd menstruation, cessation of periods in younger women, early menopause, low libido in men or women, hypogonadism, infertility, bladder problems, painful urination...

These are a mere list of some disease manifestations that the root causes are related to iron overload...many doctors have been taught to look for certain symptoms before they test for iron overload...the classic three are bronze skin (perma-tan), cirrhosis, and diabetes. However, these are END STAGE symptoms or diseases, which are all preventable in the first place in the case of iron overload if it is detected early.

People develop the above symptoms and issues from other sources as well, but the prevalence of this common genetic mutation is 1 in 9 in N America and 1 in 200/250 will develop symptoms of iron overload and complications of further disease. Early detection is key. Unfortunately, doctors are missing some important EARLY warning signs, and attributing those symptoms to other problems, medicating with anti-depressants, vitamin therapy, surgery for joint and back problems, and also prescribing pain killers and sleeping aids for the issues that can't be resolved any other way.

In many cases dr.s are testing for iron deficiency as the symptoms of too little iron and too much iron in the ealry stages are almost the same, with fatigue, joint pain, brain fog and memory issues presenting early in the onset of iron overload.

Women develop iron overload later than men because of monthly periods and child birth, naturally ridding the body of some excess iron. Usually not diagnosed until 60's...men diagnosed sooner.

Genetic mutations run in families, passed on by carrier parents, who may or may not have any symptoms themselves. People can be silent carriers, never developing any symptoms at all, will others load iron and develop problems with organ damage, joint pain.

There are 40 known mutations of the gene responsible for iron loading and more are being discovered all the time. Currently labs only test for the two or three most common mutations...C282Y/H63D are the two most common. So a person can be tested and come back "negative" for hereditary hemochromatosis but still have one of the untested for mutations. A person can be homozygous C282Y/C282Y in which patient usually has more severe iron loading or compound heterozygous C282Y/H63D in which patients load less, but iron loading can be exaggerated due to other underlying health conditions such as Hepatitis virus and liver damage/cirrhosis. Then there are the carriers of one mutation either C282Y or H63D, and drs are still finding out more and more about how these single mutated gene and normal gene carriers are affected by excess iron.

If anyone is interested in exploring their own health or that of a family member in limbo with drs and specialists and feel like they have been tossed around by the waves of uncertainty, please share your stories, and together by sharing we can uncover some truth or explanations, even if it to rule out the iron connection to many of the comon ailments we know and recognize.

Awareness is slow to come, docs are missing vital information and not making the connection, so it is my goal to help people consider this simple and often misdiagnosed or rarely diagnosed yet common problem.

Good health wishes to all, and I hope we can help someone get some answers, and support.

It took my husband over 10 years and about 5 docs to find this...there is so much to learn.
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