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Bad breath and IBS

Does anyone get bad breath with IBS??? Especially when they are constipated ??.
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Hi Sarah and welcome to the forum.

While it is not easy to link IBSC with bad breath (halitosis), it is more prevalent compared to the general population.
Addressing the issue of toxin and bacterial accumulation in the body, due to improperly or partially digested foods, dehydration or oral health/hygiene (the oral cavity is a perfect environment for toxins and harmful bacteria to accumulate and thrive and consequently seep into the body) will definitely help.

You may want to look into:

a. Oil Pulling, a great way to improve your oral hygiene and reduce significantly the number of toxins and bacteria there.
I use use coconut oil-highest quality- to do do Oil Pulling every single morning for optimum oral health and hygiene.

2. Consumption of Coconut Oil in place of pro-inflammatory cooking oils,
may also help address some underlying IBS causes, as it is a superior
lubricant, metabolic booster and it has excellent medicinal properties-
often exceeding those of prescribed medications- making it a great
anti-fungal,anti-parasitic,anti-viral, anti-protozoan and anti-microbial agent!
Visit the coconut research center website for more details.

3. Leaky Gut syndrome (Gut Dysbiosis).  The term refers to a pathological condition  with the main feature being an abnormal increase in the permeability of the small intestine. Increased intestinal permeability is a component of many different serious/chronic disorders and also often associated with  IBS.
Caution, it is NOT an established medical diagnosis taught in medical schools (why not??????) but  you can ask for a simple urine test for it called PEG test (PolyethelyneGlycol Test).

Please let me know if you need more details, but also note that this information, as helpful as it might be, is not intended as a substitute
for medical advice.

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Thanks for message.
I am not sure your understanding my question. I don't suffer with bad breath as such, just some times when my tummy is sore I get it when my IBS is bad. But I am waiting for a wisdom tooth operation so maybe it's just infection flaring up.
I can manage with the bad breath, but just wanted to know if others with IBS if they get bad breath. Do you suffer with IBS?????

Does anyone have bad breath when constipated or having flare up with IBS??
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I think I do and I didn't really mean that BB is something that affects people
with IBS 24/7 as there are many variables acting as triggers.
My IBS resolved a long time ago, when I dealt with  the 2 underlying issues:
Anxiety and Fungal overgrowth/infection, which could have caused leaky gut syndrome but never had it investigated (at the time I didn't even know about it and also doctors normally don't look into this)

A tooth infection could partially at least explain BB, however I never experienced this.

It probably helped that I was a long distance swimmer in the ocean at the time, just to keep my sanity (tough to do with IBS lol! but I'm tough minded)
My buddie who's a biochemist told me that it was all the minerals in the ocean -that were absorbed transdermally- that were extremely beneficial!

Keep in mind the Oil Pulling-specially in light of a possible tooth infection, as the infectious organisms from our teeth can travel into our body easily. You can use any oil, but I find coconut oil superior, b.c of all the medicinal

Wishing you well.
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Thanks for message.
I have been to the dentist this morning. She thinks that due to some of my medication and the fact I have recently had surgery to remove an ovary it maybe why the BB has flared up. Although when I get infection it gets worse. Just have to wait till I can get wisdom removed end of the year..due to a massive long waiting list..urgh!!

What do you do oil pulling??? Would love more info, worth thinking about.
Thanks again for any info... Soundalike you are doing well with the IBS.
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