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Best Time To Take Pro Biotic Supplement?


Ive recently acquired a Pro Biotic (PB) for my IBS.

A lot of the information online is conflicting, some stating its better to take the supplement with meals and some saying 30 mins before and some saying on an empty stomach.

Im just looking to find out what works for other people.

I don't have breakfast as I do 'intermittent fasting', for those of you who don't know, this is a pattern of eating where you have an 8 hour eating window throughout the day, for example '12 - 8'

I drink green tea in the AM, so if I was to consume my PB in the morning or 30 mins before my first meal how long would I have to wait until the effects of the heat of the tea were gone (Apparently heat destroys the beneficial bacteria?)

Its confusing as some sources say the pro biotic should be taken on an empty stomach when acid levels are low, and some sources say it should be taken with food to avoid the destruction of the PB, due to stomach acid - can anyone shed any conclusive evidence on what works here?

From what I've gathered my plan so far is

1) Get up about 6AM and have green tea
2) Take PB around 10/11 (if this is long enough to avoid effects of tea?)
3) Have Meal 1 around 12

Im hoping this is enough time for the heat of the tea to be diminished and also long enough to take before my first meal.

Hope someone can help, advice is massively appreciated!

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