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Bleeding from anus a month after colonoscopy


I had a colonoscopy a month ago for extremely painful bowel movements and other kind of bowel symptoms, which very likely means I have IBS.

After I had finished my bowel movements yesterday I noticed that only blood was on the toilet paper after wiping; it had "washed away" all traces of excrement from around my anus. The color of the blood was somewhat bright, but I've seen brighter blood. It was also quite mucous. At first I thought it might be a tear or hemorrhoids,but the amount of blood actually decreased with each wipe (I always use a new sheet for every third wipe) and there wasn't any kind of burning, itchy or painful feeling within or around the anus, and also the amount of blood was unusually much when compared to the irritation of the anus when I had to empty my bowels for the colonoscopy.

Talking of the colonoscopy, it was otherwise clean, but I had one fibrotic polyp in my anal canal, which wasn't removed. So I'm wondering, is it the polyp bleeding or do I have some hidden hemorrhoid somewhere in my anus or what?
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