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Can't loose weight, ibs but there must be something else

I've never had a weight issue. I've always eaten an extremely high fibre diet, granary bread, brown rice, steamed veg, fish & smoothies etc,. I started to get terrible stomache cramps when eating 3 bean salads at work for lunch so I stopped eating beans.  I had a major accident which left me with 3 prolapsed discs in my spine. Emergency op removed the damage discs & I had to learn to walk again. It took a year for some of my nerves to come back.  So there was a lot of inactivity for a good 4 months & constipation whilst I was paralysed from the nerve damage?  Then there were all the drugs I was on for the pain. I'm sure this is what started my digestion problems.  I recovered & had 3 children with 2 year gaps.  My 2nd pregnancy the symptoms got extremely bad.  I would be doubled up, sweats, head spinning, whilst trying to have a bowl movement. I thought it was a sick bug but it would go after a movement.  It went on for over a year before I figured it must have an allergy to wheat.

I gave up wheat which helped but not completely.  I couldn't loose my pregnancy weight at all. I realise it must be ibs not just wheat. After having my 3 rd child I've been fully focused on loosing my weight (a must with my back! ). I am struggling.  I feel like everything I eat turns to fat.  I've been to the docs who've tested me for everything; diabetes, liver kidney tests, bloods, thyroid, stomache cancer, hormones. All is in order.

A homeopath, biochemist(I think that's what they are called) told me I had sensitivity to all grains, eggs and food chemicals.  I've given up all grain,  only eating new potatoes as jackets even set me off.  If I eat something that upsets me I blow up, can't fit into my jeans, feel so uncomfortable, stomache cramps, gassy, constipated & this can go on for days sometimes over a week before my body gets over it.  In the mean time I've put on 2 ibs!

Having given so much up & still with symptoms I thought I should see signs of improvement.  I then realised my upper stomache is bloated too which isn't ibs.  I now realise I have aerophagia too, gulping air. I didn't realise my nose is always blocked. So now I'm chewing my food till it's liquid, being calm when I eat concentrating on my breathing. Still bad.  I've just realised it must be tomatoes that's still effecting me as I have them in salads daily.  My stomache has gone down quite considerably.  I've also given up sugar for 4 days too incase I have candida.  

I cannot believe this is so hard.  I havnt had so much gas the last 4couple of days but symptoms still there.  Is there anything left for me to eat!!! If anyone can shed some light.  I exercise & I'm running around after 3 little ones. I should be a stick insect.  Instead I'm constantly exhausted, eye fatigue, can't find my words, foggy brained, heady, impatient.  

People don't believe me when I say I can't loose weight .  
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I am curious to know more about the nerve damage you sustained with your accident and if there is any possibility you are experiencing some kind of interference with your digestive system processes due to nerve damage either direct nerve damage with the accident or scar tissue having developed and to interfere with nervous systems.  Was the damage limited to only the L and S spine?

I believe you are smart to be considering the candida as a possible issue as that could be an added irritant to all of us in addition to any other physical challenges we are experiencing.

But it does seem in your explanation that the issue really began after child birth, did I remember that correctly?  --which is a point that would make me consider a hormone balance issues, which is very tricky to get docs to look closely at.  Hormone imbalance can wreak havoc like I never could have guessed, but can be pleasantly corrected IF discovered.  A naturopathic doc might be a route for that if you can afford it.  

Affordability for such can often be a whole other challenge.  But I would def suggest reading up on the female hormone topic if you haven't yet.  We can often get to know our bodies so well that we can tell which hormones are off and can adjust diet and lifestyle to such as needed. It's ALL a whole lot of work...who'da thunk, huh?

I wish you the best and update us if you can.

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