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Chronic Acidity, upset stomach, reflux, flatulence, diarrhoea & burning anus

Hi all,
I was told by my doctor that I may have IBS about 2 years ago. But even before that I have been having similar symptoms for almost 5 years now. I have chronic acidity, reflux and flatulence in my stomach, and especially after about noon, I feel like the insides of my stomach is working like a washing machine with pain and discomfort. I also have slight nausea. Atleast 3 times a month I have episodes lasting about 3-4 days of severe upset stomach and diarrhoea; while emptying my bowels and after, I have severe burning sensation around my anus that I feel like I cant (or dont want to) contniue emptying my bowels anymore. Sometimes I have blood on the tissue while I am cleaning.
Recently I was given a course for H.pylori. My condition has not improved in anyway. I was given Omeprazole, which has now been discontinued as it was increasing the level of my liver enzymes as a side effect.

On a second note, I dont know if this is connected or not, but since 5 years almost the same time I started having stomach problems, I started having severe pain and/or burning at the root (not the tip) of my genitals. I would have this problem almost once a month with each episode lasting anywhere between 6-9 days. This would happen and be extremely severe in the night, although I would feel discomfort during the day. The burning would be so severe that I would start shivering and start sweating in the night. When I would realise that I am going to start having this problem, I would one Ibuprofen/paracetamol in the night before going to sleep. I was even asked to try potassium citrate, which only helped me very marginally. I had an ultrasound of my prostate, urinary bladder and they found nothing. They then did a cystoscopy and found nothing. So they said that there was nothing there to cure. But I found that if I took Gaviscon (an antacid) before going to sleep (instead of ibuprofen/paracetamol), I would not have severe problems, but only some discomfort. This made me think that maybe my two problems are related. But the doctors swear that they are unrelated, but cannot explain either of them.

I would really appreciate if someone could kindly illuminate me in this troubled times.
Thank you for your help.

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Well I can't say I know indefinately the answer, but I can give you my thoughts.

Firstly suffering from acidity can be easily and cheaply treated with baking soda, 1/4 tsp 3 x day, and if you struggle from sesitivity to sodium then add equal part "no salt" which is potassium based.
Avoid processed foods as they are very acidic
You may benefit from betain enzymes before each meal
Vegetables are alkaline so include as many vegetables as possible

Garlic, coffee, and large meals can increase the effects of reflux. Try having dinner earlier at night at least 3-4 hrs before bed to release extra discomfort.

Have you ever been tested for parasites as I know they have a cycle of dye off and then eggs hatched every month or so?

Then I would strengthen your immune system as much as possible to fight whatever is causing this problem in your body.
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Thank you for your suggestions.
I have had a lot of blood work done, but everything was negative. I dont eat processed foods at all. I am a vegetarian and so I only eat vegetables, whatever I can find here in UK. I had heard about baking soda before, but had not tried it. I will try it now. I am not aware of betain enzymes, I will find more information about this. I dont even drink coffee and use garlic very rarely. I do eat a late dinner though. I will make it to point to eat earlier. I am also drinking the Danone yoghurt everyday which increases the friendly bacteria in the gut and supposed to improve the immune system.
I will see how the baking soda works for me.
Thanks again.
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You have to be off of grains with gluten like wheat,Rye for starters and you have to be off of cow dairy products which all take 21 days to get out of your system before you begin to feel relief, and if you slip up one time you have to wait for 21 more days, and also avoid all negative fats like most cooking oils, butter ... the only meats are turkey breast, chicken breast and high quality fish with omegas ! No fruits !for now until you cleanse the Candida yeast ! Veggies must be steamed (no raw veggies !)  The only gluten free grains I know of are red rice,brown rice,amarath and Quinoa which is the worlds ony plant based protein that contains all 9 essential amino acids !   But above all  AVOID WHEAT !   After you do all of that you should take digestive enzymes, concentrated pro biotics and get on fungi digestive enzymes to cleanse the Candida yeast build up that you most indeed have . Also keep taking regular digestive enzymes and concentrated probiotic pills all along and for life !
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No sugar, no fruit,no gluten,no negative fats no cow dairy products, .....  YES Candida yeast cleanse...    YES probiotics ....   YES digestive enzymes !
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Hi I am Kev from the UK and i have really bad acid reflux,surfice to say my throat is in a bad way as i am struggling to swallow..I have been reading ALL your fabulous tips of which i had no idea that ive been the main villain in my demise...I will religiously follow your advice and see what works and doesnt..I eat ALL the no no foods i am suppose to avoid,no wonder i am in such a state...As this page is bathed in tips and your informative knowledge is crucial
to my Health improvement i would be very much obliged if anyone would like to contact my address below and perhaps become my clinician or mentor?
There are some really beautiful and helpful people still left in this sad world,those people who have the knowledge and expertise to vastly improve the quality of someones life..I am a genuine male of 54 yrs old who doesnt drink nor smoke and exercises regularly,my diet is my main aim in life now to change,correct and hopefully get better...I would dearly love to hear from any tips any products even if as simple as baking soda......Please contact me at      ***@****          Cheers     kev
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Hi Kev.  Don't know if you have sorted out your problem yet, but I think you should see a doctor.  I knew someone who suffered from reflux and then had difficulty swallowing.  He actually had oesophageal cancer, and had to have most of his oesophagus removed.  I don't want to scare you, but really get this checked.  
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