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Constant colon rumbling noise, loss of appetite, irregular bowels

I am so desperate as this is the first time I feel genuinely "betrayed" by my body and I don't know what to do!

For the past 2 months, I have had irregular bowels (switching between diarrhea and constipation), but the most damaging has been these loud bowel noises, coming from my colon/back area. It sounds like rumbling and is completely unpredictable and uncontrollable. I also have noises and rumblings coming from my lower abs/sides of pelvis. I can even feel the "bubbling" with my hand on the sides of my pelvis. After having constant diarrhea, noises, and embarrassment at work, I went to see a gastroenterologist who of course immediately suggested I have IBS. I had blood and stool tests which all came back normal. I have been leaving work early because I can't eat and feel sick because I'm not able to eat. I've lost about 8 pounds unintentionally and have lost appetite for the most part. Every time I eat, I immediately feel the rumblings come on and that feeling of "urgency" even though I go to the bathrooms and nothing happens.

This is causing me severe anxiety and depression as I now dread going to work because of embarrassment of noises and feeling of dizziness from not eating and being anxious.  I can't focus on work, I've been extremely exhausted, and crying almost everyday. This is horrible I feel like I've lost myself. I can't tell where this came from though as I've never had any intestinal issues before (at least not this severe).  I do have a lot of stress and anxiety, particularly since I just started a new job 3 months ago. The gastro doc suggested I see a psychiatrist for anxiety so he's put me on Xanax for the time being, which certainly helps my anxiety but still struggling with the bowel problems. I don't know what to do!!! I read things like I should be screened for colon cancer, ovarian cancer, etc or it could just be freaking IBS?! Ugh, any help, advice, suggestions, or kind words would be so greatly appreciated!  My doctor has been anything but helpful.

I'm (otherwise) healthy, active 27 year old female. Happily married, no kids.

Oh and no real pain, just pressure in the lower abs after eating, and I can feel the trapped gas, it just stays in and bubbles and makes noises. I'm on probiotic vitamins, I've tried spasmomen (which did nothing), and I've taken herbal laxative teas which make me go but I still feel like I need to go more and of course, cannot.
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It is all in the food we eat. An allergy can appear at any time in our life.
I been getting the same thing and if I lean toward gluten-free for a week or so I start feeling better, so then of course I eat a pizza or a sub and "poof"
gurgle, rumble, crampity, bloated yucky. After a few weeks off of wheat, bread smells bad to me and it tastes bitter. But the problem is that flour is in everything.
  Anyhoo it wont kill you to try Gluten free for a few days. Just to see.
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Welcome to the world of IBS.
I feel for you...we all do. We all know how miserable it can be. The embarrassment, the pain, the ainxiety...

Just wondering if they did a barium swallow on you?
If not, I suggest having one done. Sometimes ulcers are misdiagnosed.
My biggest problem is that I had two different kinds of ulcers at the same time. One causes nausea before eating, and one after eating. One causes bloating, one causes dizziness. The list goes on. The doctors just didn't understand...until I had the barium swallow done. Then they were shocked when they learned that I had two kinds at the same time. Guess it's a rare? lol
Also, anxiety and IBS go hand in hand. You rarely see one without the other. If you can get a handle or cure one, you can help the other.
Hope this helps to a degree.
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You really are displaying signs of IBS. This condition is chronic, meaning, you'll have to deal with it for a long time. IBS does not increase your risk of having colorectal cancer.
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Sounds like the typical problem of grains and sugar in diet.  Eliminate all grains, starch and sugar...such as bread, rice, pasta, potato, oatmeal.  And stay away from sugar (including honey, agave, fruits, fruit juice, etc).  Eat low carb, moderate protein and don't be afraid of fats.  At each meal, eat non starchy veg with meat/fish/eggs and fat (olive oil, butter, coconut oil, etc).  Typical meal is non starchy veg sautéed in butter with steak.  Try this one week and You will see that your embarrassing rumbles will disappear.
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Me, three. Im 45, for crying out loud!  I already HAD IBS in my 20s. It went away shortly after having my appendix out. Im not sure if the appendix irritated the IBS or the IBS irritated the appendix. Either way, I was good ALL thru my 30s.  But now, it's come back like gangbusters!  It began with going 15 times a day!  After some Hyomax and Imodium was down to 7. Now Im taking 550 mg Xifaxin 3 times a day for 14 days. Xifaxin is giving me migraines (got rid of those in my 30s) and it makes me nauseas late in the day if I havent eaten. At that point, my stomach is all acid and I cant eat. I want to vomit; and do sometimes. Im taking migraine Med AND anti nausea with the Xifaxin which was written to help the IBS-D. Has it?  It's intermittent and one of the side effects, in addition to the headache and nausea, is diarrhea. FYI, two blood panels and a stool sample (that was SO unpleasant), Im physically right as rain. But I am so not!  I have not felt this sick for so long. Its been 33 days since the onset. I've had maybe 2 days that I was mostly normal. Today Im a mess and my gut is rumbling like a thunderstorm. I think this happens to thin people...at least it seems that way. You can hear every movement in my belly. I own a company and Im afraid to go anywhere some days. Ive stayed home as much as possible. I can go from "pretty good" to vomiting or otherwise toilet bound in less than 30 minutes. Anyway, I had all of this 20 years ago. I remember it being terrible but not THIS terrible. I think the memory must just fade because the written symptoms are just what I remembered. The Xifaxin was $2000 and had to be pre authorized by the blood work, stool sample and a negative C diff to get it approved. Worth it?  I dont know. I'm seeing it through because I only have 2 days left. I also didnt want to say I hadn't tried everything. Im also doing the supplements recommended for leaky gut (google it). Its probiotics, an amino acid, licorice root (tastes disgusting), digestive enzymes with meals, etc. Ive done this for the duration on the Xifaxin. I believe they recommend 30 days in the supplements. Anyway, I just wanted to share my experience. Its definitely IBS. I just wish there was more available to control it. I don't feel like me and I miss me.  Hang in there, everyone.  
I used time get very loud stomach noises. Nausea and occasionally pain between shoulder blades.  I also have IBS. I ended up having a diseased gallbladder. It wasnt functioning right. Had gallbladder out. Noises stopped and nausea disappeared. Ask for a pipida test
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I had to cut out gluten and dairy for my similar symptoms to go away but they did and only returns when I have an exposure to gluten
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