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Diarrhea for a week...no other symptoms

Hi!  I am so desperate for insight right now...

I am a 31 year old stay at home mom.

Last Sunday night I woke up with severe diarrhea (nothing but water).  It is still happening, 5 days later.  The first 3 days I was going on average every 15 minutes.  Anything I ate would go right through me.

I have not had any other flu-like symptoms, no vomiting, no fever, nothing.

Today my stool is still runny, but a little thicker like sherbert.  It is floating and it's a yellow-orange color.  What is this?

I spoke to my doctor on the phone and other than telling me to drink lots of fluids, really didn't seem concerned.

A few things....  

I have had bad sinus drainage for about 10 days.  Could this cause diarrhea of this caliber?

My husband and I visited a dog breeder last Sunday (the day I ended up getting diarrhea) and I held a puppy.  The conditions of the breeder's dog area were filthy...the smell was overwhelming and it was very dirty....there was cat poop all over the floor and the dogs looked unkempt.  Any way I could have caught something from the dog (maybe a transfer of feces to my hands?)??

I have a doctor's appt. Monday morning.

Thanks if anyone can help!

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I could not believe when I read your post it is exactly what I have as well!  I have had sinus drainage for two weeks, then I got the diahrrea, then the yellow-orange stool!!  But with no other symptoms.  I have been wondering if a trip to the doctor is in order or if it's just all the drainage coming out....any help or words of wisdom your doctor gave you would be more than appreciated.
A cold is your body computer getting rid of mucous which is yeast in your body. Unfortunately  I never knew it was a blessing. It's yeast that is the cause of colds. The mucous is yeast same as white tongue or diarrhea  it's  yeast overgrowth in your body. Yeast like that is hard to detect with blood tests . Only labs that do yeast tests will tell you.
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I have been dealing with chronic diarrhea.  Sometimes with stool, some without and I am convinced that mine is the result of having sinus/allergy drainage in my stomach.  I have had those stools that you have described as well.  
As for the dog, you might have caught a virus from it.  It's possible.  
Try an anti-histamine.  That might help.
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Did you ever find out what was wrong?  I have had diarrhea like you said for about a week.  No sinus problems but this morning I woke up with a very bad sore throat.  Other than that I don't even feel sick!  I can't get in to the doctor until Wednesday.  Please help.
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had the runs for two months. dr thinks it could be microscopic colitis but i cant afford the biopsy so its just a guess. this ailment is most common in women in their 40's. the only symptoms are watery diarrhea and sometimes cramps. antibiotics help but symptoms come right back when stopped. i felt better this past week. i started to take probiotics twice a day and eat yogurt with lunch. if i am running to the bathroom a take imodium.i also take 4-6 pepto bismal chewables during the day. the pepto made a huge difference.
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Actually you can contract Giardia from dog feces. No need to call people idiots. I would check facts before you post.
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Some viruses can be transferred from an animal.  swine flu, bird flu we get them even though they come from animals.   Of course viruses have completely different DNA strands than humans other wise they would be human.  The virus provides their own RNA or DNA to replicate and the host cell provides the energy and resources.  Giardia lamblia is a protozoan disease not a virus.  It is found in water contaminated by animal carriers.
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Rabies is another virus that is zoonotic meaning it can be transferred from one species to another.
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