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Do I have IBS?

Hi everybody!

For the past five years or so I've had ongoing issues with my stomach which have still not been diagnosed and over the last year have gotten worse.

Initially (without any tests) I was diagnosed with IBS and given tablets to help ease the symptoms, the tablets didn't work. I tried about 3 different types none relived the symptoms. On top of this I created a food diary and there was no link between the food I was eating and the pain.

Since then I've had all sorts of tests, barium, 3 cameras down my throat, breathe tests and blood tests. Nothing has come of them apart from acid reflux.

So now I'm at a complete loss and still in pain. Just to confirm my symptoms I have extreme nausea (but can never physically be sick) constipation (I've actually suffered with this since I was about 11, severe bloating when I get the symptoms and stabbing pains/cramping which I believe is lower down rather than my stomach itself. As I've mentioned previously no specific food or drink seems to affect the symptoms they just  come and go as they please and having bowel movement does not relieve the symptoms either. I can have them for a week and then be fine months or have them for a month and be fine for a week.

A little additional note the symptoms have been severely bad this week I've had constant stabbing pains which get worse when I move my bowels. The pains are not relieved when I have bowel movement.

Sorry for the super long post but if anyone could give me some advice or point me in the right direction it would be muchly appreciated :-)
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I had to be off the gluten for several weeks before my IBS went away. I also decided to remove dairy
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