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Do I have IBS?

Hello. I have never posted on something like this before, so bare with me. I have been experiencing some odd stomach issues for  while now, usually fairly infrequently. It has happened 2 times in the last month and it is really unsettling. It starts with either a lump in my throat or with my heart pounding. I usually then have to go to the bathroom and after that tend to feel nauseated. This goes on, going to the bathroom and heart pounding and nausea for the next several hours usually. It finally tapers off and usually I feel better afterward but sometimes I still feel like I can't eat the next day. 9/10 it happens at night. I also have anxiety but these things come on randomly. I have had my gallbladder checked because I do get random pain in that area, but it NEVER ever coincides with these episodes. I am just worried and finding myself worrying more about when it is going to happen again. The extra anxiety doesn't help. I have just had bloodwork done and will be discussing that with my Dr this week as well but just figured it can't hurt to put this on here. Thanks in advance.
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I should add that I have been eating a gluten free diet for 4.5 years (after realizing i was getting severe upset stomachs after eating a days worth of gluten ) and have been vegan for  5 years.
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It sounds anxiety related. I would guess it is. Try meditation or doing something soothing at night and see if it reduces the frequency of its occurrence
Thanks for your response. I have been doing yoga regularly for a month or so now. The interesting thing is that these episodes happened 4 weeks apart, to the day, in oct nov and dec. It happened again last night , 3.5 weeks from the last. The only common denominator is that we ate out, but not the same foods, and we have eaten out other nights and I have been fine. It is really frustrating because  I get so nauseous. It isn't often enough for my dr to be concerned but I really want to get to the bottom of it.
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