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Do I really have IBS?

About three months ago I started having stomach discomfort. Soon after these pains developed, they started to make me feel like I was bloated and still had to use the restroom, despite my ability to do so regularly. Since this time the sensation has changed several times most notably to constant stomach cramping just above my navel and sharp pains near my xiphoid process. I am also having sever symptoms of a UTI, incontinence, gag reflex, as well as pain in my right side illiac.

To date I have had the following tests and treatments

Three Urinalysis (No UTI present)
Two Abdominal/ Chest X-Rays - (One showed slight constipation, the other was clear)
Two treatments of Mag Citrate
72 Hour Liquid Diet
CT Scan/ Abdomen/ Pelvis with & without Contrast - (No Apendicitis, No Kidney stones, No Gallstones, Slight  
                                                                              Inflamation of Colon, Secondary Ureter found coming off right    
Four CBC tests (All clear of infection)
Colonoscopy - Slight Diverticulitis (nothing serious)
Upper GI - (Slight Hiatal Hernia, Slight Gastritis)
Abdominal Ultrasound - (Clear on all fronts)
I have taken Cipro, Flagyl, as well as currently being on imipramine and Nexium.
I am currently waiting for results to my Celiac Blood Panel

After having done all this I feel no closer to an answer today then I did three months and thousands of dollars ago. I still hurt constantly and when I am not hurting I am in constant discomfort from the UTI like symptoms. My doctor is now trying to claim this is simply a case of IBS and Overactive bladder. He has prescribed the imipramine which is not helping. I question if this could be so since I would think the overactive bladder would have been recurring and not a later side symptom of the stomach cramps. If anybody can help, please do. This is really interfering with my life and I am tired of living in pain. Thank you!

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