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Do i have IBS?

Hey guys, i have this really annoying problem and it has come to the point where i worry about it all day. I show some signs of ibs: weird poop patterns and i get lots of flatuence randomly. Im not even kidding, sometimes im fine and the next moment i get a crap load of gas. Also, when summer vacay started, right to now, i have been getting weird poop. My poop is hard and in short lengths. The size and color for my poop is normal though. I make sure i drink enough water but that does not help. I go to the gym but i dont take protein powder, i prefer the natrual way so i eat lots of meats, but i eat lost of veggies too. I am starting to increase my fibre but it does not seem to work.ive also heard that excersice helps with this but i go to the gym 3 times a week and i swim the rest of the week and it does not help. Any suggestions on what to do?
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