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Does any one know about ACOG Colon Cleanse

I had terrible constipation that is now completely under control thanks to ACOG. My herbal doctor recommends ACOG to all of his IBS (irritable Bowel Syndrome) patiens, constipation patiens, and to people who would just like to lose some weight. It is not like most colon cleansers because this formula assist the body's digestive, metabolism, and eliminating systems for overall good health. Another nice thing about it is that it's all natural and contains NO harsh laxatives making it something you can take during the day without the worry of a rush to the bathroom. I just want to let every body who is suffering from the symptoms of constipation, IBS, Diabetes, High colesterol, high blood pressure, over weight, low metabolism (just to name a few) ACOG Colon Cleanse is a great product to investigate.

Best Health Wishes to All
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I just read this information in your other post.  I will do further investigation, but I wanted to know if this ACOG Colon Cleanse contains psyllium fiber or not.  If it does, then it is something that I can't use myself.  So, that's why I want to know.  Psyllium fiber is useful for some people, but not for those of us with a lot of food sensitivities.
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You can find the list of the ingredients on the web with a search.  I didn't see psyllium listed as the fiber, it has many other kinds.  However it does have aloe vera in it and my system is very sensitive to that.
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