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Does anyone with IBS get these additional symptoms?

I had a colonoscopy 7 weeks after suffering with chronic constipation for approximately 4 months. The procedure was extremely painful even though I had sedation and I have been referred for a CT scan as the consultant could not view the whole colon; he said I had a ‘Tortuous colon’
I have had no blood in the stools I have passed but there has been at times some mucus.  The consultant said if he finds no cause for the constipation with the CT scan he will prescribe medication for IBS-c.  The main question I have is would IBS cause the other symptoms listed below in addition to the constipation and stomach pain? I have never been this tired before and the muscle pain just does not go away.
I am not anaemic or on iron. I have been prescribed fibre and a laxative to take every night but they don’t work and I have to take 2 laxatives to pass anything

My symptoms:
Unable to have a bowl movement without a laxative
No feeling of needing to pass stool, just a feeling of solid abdomen which keeps building
Pain in bowels, mixture of sharp pin prick pain and slower blunt pressure pain like being poked
Chronic all over muscular soreness without any cause
Facial stiffness, very stiff and sore jaw especially
Very stiff neck into base of skull
Feeling exhausted and able to sleep anytime of the day, even after having a good, full night’s sleep
No concentration – though I did put this down to the tiredness
I have started to get sores in the corner of my moth and eyes and my skin is very dry and tired

Many thanks in advance
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For me elimination of gluten and dairy were the only help for this problem. I suffered for ten years. I never could go to the bathroom and had upset stomach all the time after eating. Now I'm only with symptoms if I have an exposure to gluten or dairy
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