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Enlarged stools/diarrhea/constipation/Ed/cold sweats.

Hello I have a few symptoms with inflammation and bloating in my stomach. I'm always constipated in my stools come come out larger than normal depending on the size of it for as length will determine how long I'll be on the toilet. I know for sure that I don't go regularly which is daily and that worries me I also have an issue with being able to push it out it's like that whole area is weak I also have hemorrhoids and that doesn't help the matter at all. Some days it feels like I'm going to faint because of the pressure that I have to use in order to push it out. The worst days are when my stomach gets really upset to where I feel it in my legs. Sometimes there's little pebbles sometimes it's a solid piece with a collective of pebbles sometimes it comes out a smooth solid piece, but it's still uncomfortable. On top of that when I go to urinate it's like I've been holding it for hours but what it has only been a few seconds and when I go to do that it will seem that I'm done but when I go to put it away there it is running down my leg not having any feeling of not being done. This recently just started to where after I go for a bowl movement I'm starting to feel pulling in my stomach going down to my testicles. And one more thing is it hurts when I ejaculate and sometimes the middle of my penis looks like it had something tied around it so it kind of looks like an hourglass so to speak any information any clues anything anybody can help me with will be highly appreciated thank you.
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That's rough.  Most everyone thinks of IBS to be just diarrhea but yes, lots of constipation instead.  https://www.webmd.com/ibs/guide/treating-constipation#1 You honestly sound completely backed up.  Keep the things in this article in mind.  https://www.health.harvard.edu/bladder-and-bowel/natural-ways-to-relieve-constipation   Food choices play a role.  Even just having a cup of grape juice a day can help.
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