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Food intolerance or IBS?

I have struggled with what seems to be symptoms of IBS for years.  I underwent an upper endoscopy, colonoscopy a year and a half ago, and they found that I suffer from acid reflux.  I take psyllium fiber, prevacid, and align to help control my IBS.  Sometimes, I wonder if I have some kind of food allergy or intolerances that I do not know about.  I have some reaction (itchy/flushing face and itchy eyes) with certain foods and often with alcoholic beverages.  I think it might be prudent to see an allergist.  I am tired of living with these symptoms and feeling hardly any relief.  Please advise.
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  Hi.,...have u and ur Drs tried a magnesium supplement?...I have been DX'd with IBS for yrs and have had so many diff things suggested and none have worked until I got on a magnesium supplement....

I know many times blood  panels for magnesium show normal levels, but we contain less then 1% of magnesium in our blood, so it is not an accurate account if those levels are low. I found out when my Vit D was very low and when I took a Vit D supplement I had symptoms of Vit D toxicity....this lead to more research and Drs....found that my magnesium is low and would cause the Vit D toxicity results,,,,since being on the magnesium I can safely take the Vit D with no side effects.

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