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H Pylori

Dear Doc .... I have been recently diagnoised with H Pylori infection and have been put on a 10 days antibiotic course. The medications include Fasign Tablets (2 daily after food), Tarvin 500mg (1 daily after Food), Parriot Tabs ( 2 Daily Before Food) and Motillium (3 daily before food).

My only sympton is having excess gas problem i.e. i have been passing a lot of gas during the day.

I dont have any serious symptons of bloating or abdominal pain. However, little mucus in the stool is also there which is visible to the naked eye.

Kindly advice me if I am taking the right medication and if this is nothing serious and cause of immediate concern.

Also, please note that the H Pylori was diagnoised after a stool test and breath test.

Kind Regards and waiting for a quick response.
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