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Has anyone been cured of IBS?

IBS can be associated with Generalized Anxiety but can a person have IBS without any other associated disorders.  Has anyone been given depression and anxiety medicines that have cured you of IBS?  
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it is correct to say that once diagnosed true ibs tends to be chronic and has a lot of overlapping symptoms with anxiety and depression but a person can have ibs and have no anxiety or depression to start with ,it is only when doctors start confusing the patient and doing certain tests that would make us all anxious and then there is the pain the quality of life change and this continued over a period of time tends to give a diagnosis of mild depression in most with ibs  which is only natural for us all
because ibs is a functional disorder in the bowel simply put certain meds like anti-depression /anti anxiety types given in low dose will have an affect on bowel function as the whole gut system have the same if not more nerve and brain system of its own in other words a healthy digestion a healthy body and mind and not the other way
it is difficult to be unwell trying to find answers and cures i have done it myself ,for me now i just accept i have ibs and it is chronic i have tried various meds none long term and none completely cured or gave me an impact that i needed to be the way i was before
focus your energy on diet and learning ways to accept that u will have days where u will not feel well and learning coping techs to deal with the stress these days will bring in what doctors try to do for patients when they are sent to a  psychologist and not always for for been all in the head.i suppose one small positive thing to be taken from ibs it that it does not damage the bowel or risk it for organic disease as some other bowel disorders do .

take care .
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My child went thru a colonoscopy at the ripe age of fifteen. IBS and Gerds has existed for years for the child who was exhibiting abdominal pain since kindergarten. I was disheartened when the gastroenterologist implied that it was all in the mind since no other disorder was discovered. He referred us to a psychologist. I was very upset because the symptoms should still be addressed by the gastroenterologist even if there was no other underlying cause. The doctor should still provide documentation to the school and request a waiver of the attendance policy due to all the absences and lateness that resulted from the chronic illnesses. I have not found anyone that has been cured of IBS and I was hoping to find one this site. I did read on another site that IBS is incurable. I know IBS is covered under FMLA, considered a chronic illness and should be addressed accordingly by a gastroenterologist. The doctor dismissed the IBS to a psychologist. I have consented to administer Zoloft and Xanax but I do not want to give the child false hope that the meds will cure the IBS.          
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hi,,i have been tried on every medication going ,i think,,iv also tried various therapys,,none have worked for me,,yes, i have been given different antidepression meds,to see if they would help me to relax, and help my i b s,,,again they have not worked,,my i b s  rules my life now,,,and im no weakling,,,,but can i just say,that i know pll who suffer with i b s  and they are not anxious pll at all,,i know stress can trigger i b s,,and certainly make the symptoms worse,,but ther are alot of other conditions that do as well.to me,,its one of the mysteries of the world,,coz even the medical ppl dont fully understand it.
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