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Homeschooling for Stomach Problems?

Hi, I am a Junior in High School and I have had stomach issues for a while. I had GERD and Acid Reflux two years ago, but it was mostly vomiting after eating. This past year I have had really bad abdominal pain and diarrhea, which has caused me to miss a lot of school. My doctor is still doing tests to figure out what the problem is, but I am not intolerant to gluten. I have been diagnosed with constipation and am taking Miralax for that. I am thinking of homeschooling just for the end of the semester since I have missed school and the pain is really bad. The pain is mostly in my lower left abdomen and the middle. I don't know if I should homeschool, but my dad is really annoyed that I have missed so much school. Has anyone had a similar issue? If so, is homeschooling for the rest of the semester a good idea? I just want to focus on getting my health under control.
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Hey there, that is a sad situation but you have to stay strong and it will pass. Just watch your diet. Eat foods rich in fibers and get some exercise.
Another recommendation which I know would help you are probiotics. These are good, healthy bacteria that help to support digestion and absorption of nutrients. The benefits of probiotics extend to improving the urinary tract health and gut health as well. As a result they boost the immune system and improve overall well being. You can get probiotics in yogurts and Kefir but for more immediate relief you might want to check out probiotic supplements. One which i would recommend is Flourish Probiotics by Eu Natural. This is a natural combination of healthy bacteria that fight bad bacteria and help to facilitate digestion.
I would recommend you have a look. Good luck
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When I was in middle school (like eons ago), I had a duodenal ulcer that was missed several times when trying to find out why I was having my issues.  I did miss a lot of school. One option is to see if your teachers would be amenable to your participating online.  Skype lets you right into the classroom!  We had a student with a chronic health issue that did that so he could keep up in our school.  So, just a thought.

What's the diagnosis for you?  Also, do you have anxiety?  
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