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Horrible sewer smell coming from stomach PLEASE HELP

Right here goes I have been suffering from this putrid sewer eggy smell coming from my stomach it isn't constant, this problem is ruining my life and don't know where else to turn from here, my doctor has given up and looks at me with a smirk on his face as if I am a nut. Been suffering from this for a long time I have found that junk food and sugar make it worse. Sometime I can smell it and sometimes I can't which plays with your mind and turns you paranoid to say the least. I done a food intolerance test and found I was was intolerant to cows milk so have eliminated that from my diet. When I eat good it makes the problem better but it doesn't go away completely. I have red a few posts on here with people with similar symptoms but there seems to be no cure which is depressing. Started taking probiotics and multivitamins to see if they work. I've had camera down my stomach and my sinuses both come back ok. Please has anyone got a answer to this nightmare, the other day I had a pain on my left hand side just below my ribcage for 2 days then this smell came from nowhere which could have killed a army, my mate smelt it too and said it smelt like death it was gross so think all the gas is getting trapped until pressure builds up then finds a way out. Anybody solved this sick mystery yet please am getting desperate
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