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I smell really bad, like crap.

Ok, so I smell like poop. People are saying I don't shower now. I shower before school and after gym class. It seems to be worse in second period, after gym, less in third, and even less in last. But it's only when I'm at school, and sometimes when I'm at peoples houses, outside and my house I'm ok. I sweat out the *** like crazy. I can be sitting in class, and no then it smells like ****. If I go to the washroom though and wipe my butt, and smell it, it sometimes doesn't smell, sometimes it does, and sometimes there is even a tiny spec of poop on the TP. I'm only in grade nine, and this has already destroyed my high school life. It started in september, I had diarrhea, then I couldn't really control my BM, but it got ok. But I hate this. I wipe with TP until it bleeds, I have used deodorant on my but thole, but that just let some poop leak out, although it didn't smell. Spray on deodorant kinda worked, but it let off a pretty bad aerosol smell. I don't go to dances or anything. I haven't smoked weed since halloween, thought that may be a cause, but nope, nothing still. There have been times that I were so embarrassed that I would have shot myself if I had a gun in hand. This issue cost me a girl I liked, she liked me but then she heard stuff about me and now she won't even talk to me on the internet. Please help. I'm gonna start eating yogurt, and hopefully that will help. I heard that baby oil on that area works, I'm gonna try that with deodorant. I'm wondering if I use DrySol, if that will help, because thats what I have to use on my armpits. I shower everyday and after gym. This is bad, I really really NEED help.
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Has your Dr checked for a yeast infection of some sort?  Just a thought.  Hang in there and talk with a professional who may be able to help sort thru this and get to the root problem so this can get better.

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I'm gonna try and see a doctor, without my parents knowing. It only really happens at school and friends though. I'm so close to dropping out. I can't concentrate so my grade are all like 30's, and I'm really trying, but this is all I can think about.
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Why wouldn't you tell your parents? They could take you to the Doctor.  If you really needed a Doctor. That would have solved things so much quicker and you would not have prolonged this problem to the point of despair.  Also are you smelling the odor?  Maybe the other kids are just giving you a hard time.  Could be when you had diarrhea you were self conscious and when some one mentioned a smell you had a reaction that they picked up on. It became fun for them to tease you and convince you that you smell.  Isn't it odd that it only happens at school or someone elses house? Smells more like BS to me.  Next time it happens ask someone you really trust or someone who would be objective like a teacher.  You wouldn't have to even say it was you that smelled.  You could say, Do you smell anything I may have stepped in dog poop. I know this is over a month old and you may have sorted it out by now.  Good luck and don't let stuff like this get to you.  Let your parents help you and take an active approach to resolving problems quickly so they don't seem so huge.  Not just covering things up and hoping they go away.
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I agree about telling your parents.  This might be something serious and they need to know about it.  And, if it's seriously wreaking havoc on your high school life, take it from me, you need to tell your parents.  You can't go through all four years of high school living in hell.  It destroys your social life and your grades will suffer.  Also, your self-esteem will only suffer worse and worse, which will only make it harder for you to cope as an adult.  Please tell your parents, so you can see a doctor outside of school.  It would also really help if they can get on board to help you see a private counselor.  Don't worry, it's not about being "crazy".  I remember only too well the pain of going through high school as one of the kids the bullies targeted.  It was for other reasons, but that is still beside the point.  It left a mark that I still deal with.  I would like to see things get better for you than they were for me.  The younger you deal with the situation, the better things will be for you as an adult.  

So, I do believe it is a two fold situation:  1) a medical situation, and you are in the right department--gastroenterology, and 2) a self esteem issue brought on by a medical condition.

I'm not entirely sure which medical condition you're dealing with, but it does sound like IBS, so I do believe you are in the right department.

One other thing that will help you if this is IBS-D, besides seeing a GI doctor, is to see a naturopathic doctor who deals with all ages, including teenagers.  You may have read several of my previous posts to fellow adults on here about this, and most of the information still applies at fourteen.  However, you are still growing and you need specific nutrients especially while you are growing, so, please, if you follow an elimination diet to find out if certain foods are bothering you, please do this under the guidance of a naturopath or a nutritionist.  I do believe a naturopath is the best of the two choices, because a naturopath is an actual doctor.  Please note, too, I did not say to do this instead of seeing the GI.  I always say to do this in addition to seeing the GI.  And, for youths as young as yourself this is all the more important that you do so.  Tell your parents that if their insurance doesn't cover naturopathic, as the majority don't, there are some who do have a way to help with the cost by way of a sliding fee schedule that is based on their income.  This helps to make it more affordable.  

By the way, my own GI doctors (It's a clinic where they seem to change every couple of years.) have all been supportive of the elimination diet, as are most conventional doctors.  So, this use of both the conventional doctor (the GI) and the natural doctor (the naturopath) should not conflict with one another.  It is important to do this process with the naturopath's guidance, though, because the naturopath may suggest that you take a specific amount of supplements that your growing body still needs at your age.  The supplements a person your age will be different than a person my age.  Also, the use of both conventional and natural medicine to fit what is best for the individual patient is called Integrative Medicine.  I am fortunate that I've been able to have all of my conventional doctors on board with this approach.  It should not be one school of medicine versus the other.  Both really can and do work well together.
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Am in the same situation just got to grade 9 (highschool) and people started making comments what is that smell and ****** same symptoms as you described and this has really ruined my life.Am always thinking of suicide
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