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IBS, Anxiety, or Something else

How is one supposed to know what is causing everything.  I have always had nausea in my life.  It seems to be brought on by stress or anxiety.  Now my husband and I are trying to get pregnant and I am off birth control and my stomach is horrible.  I have been late to work, missed things on the weekends, etc.  It starts with diarrhea that leads to nausea and gagging or vomiting.  The idea of having children is scary but it is normal to be nervous.  Is it just this causing anxiety or do I have IBS or maybe it is Celiac's  and not even related to the other items.  The doctors tried putting me on anti-anxiety medicine but they just had bad side effects so I stopped.  I am seeing a therapist but I am wondering if it is more physical.  Other symptoms are supreme tiredness, sometimes I feel like I am going to pass out, I want to sleep all the time, low motivation, I get headaches, kidney stones.  I feel like a mess and want it all to stop.  Any help, suggestions?  
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