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I have been sick since December 10, with chronic diarrhea with severe stomach pains that go into my back, I also vomit, nasua, get dizzy sometimes. I am very week, only thing my stomach will tolerate is chicken noodle soup, toast, and crackers but that also make me run to the bathroom. And this is no ordinarry IBS attack, I mean the diarrhea just runs out of me and I can't stop it. My doctor has me taking antibiotics 2x a day, valium 3x for stomach spasms and lomotil  6x a day. Now I just went to the doctor on Wednesday and started the antibiotics. I was going to give the antibiotics a week then go back but I don't think I can take the pain anymore. I don't know what else to do, Can you help me????????????

  In dire straits

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I sympathise!  I have the same symptoms and I am sure that it is a bug that seems to be going round everyone at the moment  The troube is I have IBS and Diverticulitis too and this bout of whatever it is has kicked off the other troubles.  I am in severe pain at times and like you, everything is just runnng out of me. I almost passed out with pain and sickness in the middle of a shopping centre and could hardly make it home for the shaking and cold sweats.  I called the surgery a couple of days ago - the practice nurse told me that the whole area is down with it and just to hang on in there for 48 hours. I do feel  a bit better today but some New Year's Day I am having!

However, your condition seems to have been going on for too long.  It sounds like you have some sort of bug that is resistant to the antibiotics.  I would ask your doctor to send a fecal specimen to the lab to check just exactly what it is that is making you il.

Good luck.
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How long were you on the antibiotics? Antibiotics can cause diarrhea too - believe me, it caused it with me.
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If your able to tolorate it....eat yogurt with active cultures in it while on the antibiotics. The med is getting rid of the "bad" bacteria in your system but is also stealing some of the good and you need to replace them.
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I had the same symptons as you with the pain in the back and the front and it ended up being my gallbladder which i had to have removed.  But just to let you know, that since my gallbladder has been taken out, i have had ibs problems with diarrhea for the past 16 years, it has really put a big damper on my life, everything i do surrounds how i am feeling.  I do take questron lite, and the generic brand, it is a powder that i mix with water 2 times a day and that is the only way that i have been able to live sometype of normal life.
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Have your doc check your for "Celiacs Disease."  This is a condition where your body does not tollerate a substance called gluten.  Gluten is in almost everything we eat like CRACKERS, salad dressing, ketchup, bread, beer, pasta, anything with wheat, flour, etc.  This disease is commonly missed by lazy docs and they never test for it.  To me...it sounds like you have the typical symptoms.  Research this on-line and I think you may be surprised.  My dad had the exact symptoms you are having and when he guit eating gluten his symptoms cleared up in 3 days.

This is a MAJOR lifestyle change.
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I have had the same problems since having my gallbladder removed too. It seems since the removal it has made the IBS worse. Not saying this can happen to everyone because others have said they felt better, but it seems one's like you and I have been the few unfortunate ones :-(
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