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IBS? Please help

I am a 26 year old female who has always had issue with my stomach and bowels. Usually I suffer from constipation. Recently I changed up my diet and I noticed my bowels responding well. Last week as I was using the restroom I wiped and saw a little blood. When I wiped again I didn’t see any more blood. I immediately freaked out and went into a panic. After that day my stomach has been all over the place. I have had a hard time passing gas, my lower right abdomen has a dull pain that feels like there’s a trapped gas bubble, and I have also had diarrhea. My diarrhea occurs in the morning and I think it may be due to my anxiety because it only occurs in the morning. I have been eating foods that are not gas producing for the last couple days. I’ve lost weight due to not eating as much and the diarrhea. Idk if I have IBS but my doctor mentioned it before. I plan to go get a blood and stool test next week. I just wanted to see if anyone has experienced this or if anyone has any opinions on it. I am afraid it’s something serious like IBD. The diarrhea has only occurred for two days only in the morning. I have no pain when I eat and I don’t feel nauseous. I am so confused on what is happening. Idk if my anxiety and fear of it being more serious could be messing with my stomach more. Any response about this would be greatly appreciated because I’m a mess right now.
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Sorry I didn't see this.  Usually it is all okay so try not to panic or freak out.  Bright red blood can be simply a fissure or hemorrhoid acting up.  Did you have any more blood after that?  Or see your doctor?  What is the update>?
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