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I’ve had different symptoms over the span of 3 weeks. First, it started out where i constantly felt full and was somewhat bloated. Thought I just needed to poop but when i did i felt no relief. Later the full feeling and bloating got worse and i had constipated diarrhea (constipated but comes out as diarrhea). Also had my period which i thought was the problem but symptoms are getting worse even after that. Now i my stomach is very hard like a rock starting from right below my rib cage and ending right below my belly button. Last bowel movement it looked darky that usually and looked flaky (was constipared as well). Worse part is the rock hard stomach/bloating and i look fatter than usual. I’m 15, 110 lbs and 5’8”. I had a blood test done but only said dehydration because i haven’t been eating much. Lost some weight since october (6 ish pounds in 6 months) unintentionally. Never had sex and have had my period. Period was 2 weeks late but probably because my mom is in the hospital so maybe i’m stressed and anxious about that but i’m not nessasarily feeling that. This feeling is causing me a lot of stress though. Please help!!!!!
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Note: I also had an X-Ray taken and that showed all normal
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