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IBS and Fibromyalgia?

So my doctor said I might have IBS, as of lately im been experiencing some serious muscle soreness especially in my legs, ive heard there could be a correlation between muscle soreness and IBS, anyone else experience this?
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Yes Ibs and bad heaackes and FMS all go together sorry hope this has helped
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Been diagnosed with fibro for abt last 8 yrs. and I have these spells every so often. Get gassy, constipated & passing only small, pellet -like stools with pain in thighs ( inside ) and back across hips. Sometimes have burning in mouth, esophagus and in abdomen as if I have a lot of acid.. Until I get bm's regulated again, nothing seems right. I suspect that I don't drink enough water may be one cause.---- something that is easy to remedy if i just remember to do it.
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