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IBS and anxiety/stress

Hello.I have suffered from IBS for about 14 years.I know what foods make it worse,and avoid.I keep a daily log of the food I eat,and when I get IBS attacks.

Recently I have noticed,regardless what I eat,that on the same day each week I suffer from diarrhoea.It last for a few hours until I take 1 Imodium.Sometimes I take Buscopan.

Because I can not identify what food causes the attack "i have tried changing my diet,still the diarrhoea starts on the same day each week",I must assume that it is caused by anxiety or stress.

I know I suffer from anxiety,I have many of the symptoms.

So could anxiety be causing my problem?.I don't want to take drugs,recently I have taken up daily exercise,which I have been told is good for anxiety and more.

So can anyone offer any help please?.

Thank you,I hope the info supplied can help you to help me.
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If you have an anxiety problem to start with, then it is very likely that it will exacerbate the digestive system issue.  It take a very short period of time for the head to let the gut know that it is in a stressed situation.  At times like this, it is best to be absolutely vigilant with your diet.  This is when you go against what most people should do and that is stay away from whole grain fibrous foods and stick to the white bread and white rice.  Most IBS sufferers wouldn't think that having diarrhoea once a week isn't that bad, but it is when it happens at an inappropriate situation.  I know that from past experience, weather change can affect my digestive system, so this might be a factor for you too.  I know that you said you don't want to be on medication, so if taking Imodium once a week does the trick for you, then stick with that.  You are right about the exercise, it does help as well as soluble fibre.  Here I go again promoting the book Eating For IBS, but it is chock full of great recipes as well as solutions.  The website also has ongoing tips and recent studies.  You might want to take a look at it.
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Hello barfer,and thanks for your detailed help and suggestions.

Like I said sometimes I take Imodium or Buscopan.

With Imodium,it sometimes leaves me constipated,it can be 3-4 days before I go again.Will this cause my IBS problems?.

To keep my IBS under control I was thinking of taking 1 or 2 Buscopan once a week.Will this be ok to do?.My IBS can go for months without any attacks,but I would sooner not experience any.
What would the effects of taking Buscopan have on my system.

Please any more help is appreciated.Thanks
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Hi Fred, I also take buscopan for my IBS i have suffered for 18 years with it and like you i know what foods i can and cant eat, my doc advised me that prevention is better than a cure so it is quite save to take 1 tablet a day, of course we are all differant so i would suggest you eithr ring your doc or chemist to make sure it is safe for you, as with any illness stress plays a big part in it, i can guarentee if im feeling under any kind of stress my IBS will flare up even if i have felt ok for months, on the leaflet for buscopan it actually says you can take 1 tab 3 times a day, hope this helps, jo
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Hello and thanks for your reply.

I paid a visit to my local chemist and spoke to the pharmacist.I told her I would like to take 2 Buscopan at the start of the week,to try and control the IBS.She said this was fine to do.Hopefully this will help,as well as watching the foods which cause it to flair up.

I also bought some Probiotic and Prebiotic capsules.According to what I have read these can help with IBS,you never know...

I will give it a try with the Buscopan and P&P,I will post my finding to assist others with this problem.

Once again many thanks for your help.Cheers
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Hi Fred,  I was under the impression that Buscopan was for stomach pain specifically.  Imodium is more for stopping the actual diarrhoea.  No matter what you decide, I would still look at the Eating For IBS website and consider buying the book.  There are so many suggestions and examples of what you can do to make your IBS easier on you.  They have natural supplements if you want to buy them...I never have, but some people swear by them.  I at one time switched to a completely vegan diet which was wonderful, but very restricting.  Now I eat absolutely no cow's meat or milk  and that has helped my IBS tremendously.  I do eat some poultry, but mainly fish and vegetables.  I will eat the odd cheese if it is from a goat or sheep.  I found that mainly meat from a cow was my worst enemy.  Not everyone is the same with IBS so it really is a trial and error.  Read the book and see what you think and maybe you can adapt some the principals for your life style.  
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Hello barfer.I plan to read the book you recommend,but I am taking to Buscopan to help relax the bowel and to prevent possible future attacks.Hopefully with a new diet,the Buscopan and the Probiotics,things will improve.Thank you for your concern and support.

Kind regards,Fred
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