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IBS diagnosed but symptoms of diabetes?


After a lot of visits to my dr. I have been diagnosed with IBS. This is because of bloating, stomach aches and change in stools. But I feel like it glosses over my nausea, especially after eating sugary or greasy foods. For example, I ate a slice of cake recently and I felt really nauseous for half an hour and then it disappeared. Is that IBS as well? I don't even touch candy or chocolate anymore. And after I ate a part of a really greasy pizza, I felt so sick and tired I had to lay down for an hour! I never had this when I was younger, but I always was (and am!) a slow eater.

I have had blood tests and they don't show diabetes, so why am I so sensitive to food all the sudden? How do you even 'get' IBS? Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I don't understand.

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