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IBS getting worse!

Hi everyone! I have as you know Severe IBS. I have some questions. Are you having back pain also with, of course I have many other things also,but- second,I was prescribed Librax,I used to take it years ago,cannot remember how I felt taking it, but am scared now to take it, but I don't know how much more pain I can stand. I now have and have had for some years Tackardia which I take a Topral 50 every night. But, although I  NEED to take a liberax, I read the side effects and one is racing heart! I cannot risk that,I am lost! Does anyone have any suggestions. You see, I have been to hospital twice with bad Tackardia, once they had to give me the shot which my heart stops for a split second and you pray it starts again! I am scared the liberax could trigger this! Any thoughts ,advise,knowledge of this matter would be appreciated. Chrystal
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